• Caroline:  Then stay...
  • Tyler:  *leaves*
  • Caroline:  Then stay...
  • Stefan:  *leaves*
  • Caroline:  I'm gonna call you every 10 min—
  • Klaus:  *already on a plane to Mystic Falls*

I’m Katherine Pierce. I’m a survivor.

make me choose: stefan salvatore or scott mccall ?

barolena + teddy bears

They are all okay, and all those things could exist in the same woman. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. [x]

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The Vampire Diaries Characters: Alaric Saltzman

↪ “Taking care of you and Jeremy has been the closest I’ve ever come to the life I’ve always wanted.”

Anonymous said:  What psd did you use for your katholine gifset?

I actually don’t use psds and I don’t save my psds either… But for that gifset I used hue/saturation layers and desaturated the yellows to isolate the reds. Hope that helped. (:

Hey followers! Today is mikaelova's birthday. She has a reallly cool blog with alot of klaroline on it, great taste in music, is super nice and has really awesome gifset ideas that I take way too long to complete. If you have a chance you should definitely check her blog out and wish her a happy birthday because she's pretty great. (: